Big Childcare | FAQ
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Q: What can I expect from a Big Childcare Program?

A: You can expect a professional, caring and safe environment at BIG Childcare programs. Our Educators are friendly and love working with children and getting to each child individually! All our Educators have working with children checks, first aid qualifications and relevant industry qualifications. We value our relationships with families, children and the school and like to help out with school events and programs when we can.

Q: What sort of experiences will my child be involved in?

A: Our activities are based on the current framework for primary aged children called ‘My Time, Our Place’, which encourages our Managers to plan experiences around the individual needs and interest of each child. Our activities involve craft, cooking, sport activities, indoor/outdoor play and much more. We really strive to develop their social and emotional capacity and lifelong skills in children that will give them an advantage amongst their peers.

Q: Will my child be given meals/ snacks?

A: Every BIG Childcare centre that offer before school care provide breakfast for children arriving before 8:00am.

Q: How are payments processed?

A: Statements are sent via email to families every week before direct debit payments are processed. These are processed one week in advance from the bank account nominated by the family using EziDebit.

Q: What if I have further questions about the program?

A: We welcome you to discuss further questions directly with your BIG Childcare Centre Manager, alternatively you can call our Head Office On :

03 8682 9400