Green Thumbs

The Green Thumbs Club is our kids gardening initiative where our guests can learn all about the fascinating world of plants. Children help grow and nurture herbs and vegetables etc. and are then able to harvest and eat their produce in the kitchen.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Learn About
  1.  How to aerate and cultivate soil
  2. Learn different ways to compost and what you can and can’t compost
  3. How to make your own eco friendly plant protector products
  4. How to grow a plant from a cutting
  5. How to grow a seed to a seedling
  6. Show you the correct way to plant a plant
  7. How much to water and when is the best time to water
  8. Protecting crops from birds
  9. Protecting crops and plants from insects
  10. Protecting crops from Melbourne’s weather
  11. How to identify herbs and plants and name them.
  12. You can also learn a few Latin names just like
    the real gardeners.

Mr Green is our resident gardener. Two of his stand out classes are the Ikea plant bullying experiment and how to make a Bonsai.

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