Big Childcare | Holiday Care 2019
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What measures has Big Childcare taken to limit the spread of COVID-19?

Big Childcare has strengthened our health and hygiene procedures to ensure effective and efficient hand washing every 30 minutes for at least 20 seconds.
In addition, increased surface sanitization and social distancing has been implemented.
Big Childcare encoruages anyone who does not feel well to stay at home and postpone any non-essential travel if possible.

Will the holiday program still run?
Yes, Big Childcare is carefully monitoring and following advice from the Department of Health and Department of Education. As such all school holidays will run as normal, with the exception of the cancellation of excursions.

Will the incursions still be fun and engaging for our children?
Yes!! Big Childcare understands that families will still need to work and therefore will comply with governmental advice, however will endeavour to ensure that all our incursions are fun and themed based for a wonderful April school holiday program!


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