Job Application

Job Application

Please complete the Application Form including Applicant Declaration.

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Citizenship: Are you a permanent resident? *
Degree/Certificate/Qualifications - please list level obtained/or the institution and completion date or year of course you are currently enrolled in. Please also record how much of the course you have successfully completed if still studying. (You must be studying in the childcare/ teaching field).
Convictions: Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence or been the subject of an investigation? (Other than minor traffic offences) *
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence or been the subject of an investigation relating to the abuse of a child or inappropriate sexual behaviour? *
Has anyone ever expressed concerns about your behaviour towards a child? *
Are you currently prohibited or restricted from working with children under any law? *
Health: Do you have any re-occurring medical conditions? *

Additional Information

Have you worked in Child Care before? If yes, how many years/months? *

Do you fluently speak, read or write a language other than English? *

Do you hold a current Victorian Drivers Licence? *
Do you hold a current Employee Working With Children Check? (required for ALL staff) *
Do you have a Police Check that is not older than 6 months? (required for ALL staff) *
Do you have a Level 2 First Aid certificate? (OSHC Manager requirement) *
Do you have Anaphylaxis Training? (OSHC Manager requirement) *
Do you have Emergency Asthma Training? (OSHC Manager requirement) *
Do you have a Food Handlers Supervisor’s Certificate (OSHC Manager requirement) *

Referee #1

Referee #2

Please list the days and times that you are available to work:

*You must be available to work at least 2 afternoons a week
(Operating hours vary from program to program)

Before School Care

AM Shift 6.30am-9.00am
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After School Care

PM Shift 3.00pm-6.30pm
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Holiday Program

7am to 6pm
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Maximum upload size: 516MB
If you don't have a copy at this time, that's ok! We will still process your application. However, we will require at CV in the future.


“I consent to the collection, storage and disclosure of information concerning any acts of record falsification or other irregular acts in relation to myself. I confirm that all information contained in my application is true and correct”.
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