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Enrolling into Big Childcare is easy! All you need to do is complete the enrolment form on our online enrolment page; your enrolment form is then electronically submitted to our onsite managers for approval. Alternatively you can locate hard copies at your centre to manually fill out and hand to your Big Childcare OSHC Manager. Once the enrolment form is received you will be sent a confirmation email stating your child is now able to attend.

Please ensure you complete all details including all CRNs (Centrelink customer reference numbers) and dates of birth (even if you don’t think you’re eligible for the Child Care Benefit/Rebate). Please also remember to fill in the medical conditions and direct debit information correctly to ensure we are able to offer the highest quality of care for your children. Failure to do so will mean we are unable to accept your child.

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Click here  to download the direct debit form

Get to know our

At Big Childcare; we aim to make the transition process into our programs as smooth as possible for all children, including new preppies. We aim to have a representative at all prep parent information days/nights to provide some information and hand out enrolment forms and prep packs. We then request to peruse their kindergarten to prep transition pack so we have additional knowledge regarding all their little quirks and idiosyncrasies before the children attend.

We welcome all children and parents to drop by the program and have a look around at our facilities, resources and meet our staff. This can often make the transition a lot easier on all relevant parties. This also gives parents an opportunity to discuss the fee structure and the program on offer.

Once we have a completed enrolment form and all other requirements; we are then ready to accept your child. If they are a prep child; they will be collected from their classroom for at least the first few weeks of term 1. We will then complete robust observations, ask them to fill out ‘about me’s’, child profile and surveys in order to achieve a sound understanding of how they operate and in turn offer them high quality and highly personalised care.