Big Childcare | Our Staff
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Our Staff

Our staff are the backbone of our business. They are dedicated, resilient and passionate about providing quality care to children.

As a family-owned and operated company, we employ staff who live locally, who care about their community and who understand that partnering with a school means you are an extension of the wider school community.

Driven by our 10 core values, Children are our priority, Customer Service, Teamwork, Do the right thing, Innovation, Results, Passion, 5-star Quality, Systems and Fun, our staff provide parents with the reassurance their precious children are cared for in a safe and positive learning environment. 

Many of our staff volunteer in extracurricular sporting teams, at school fetes, events and local community working bees. They go above and beyond for their families, putting on special family dinners, running parent information nights, offering free child care at school information nights – basically, anything their families or their wider school community needs support with, our staff willing assist.   

The average tenure of our staff is between five to 10 years and many of our staff have been the dedicated Centre Manager of their program for the entirety of their career with us.   

“Our staff are the lifeblood of our organisation. It is a privilege to lead them on a daily basis. Without them we would not have the deep seeded relationships we have with all our children, families and school communities. I value each individual employee for their dedication and hard work that they have invested to help grow our company.”

Sian Hatzakortzian, Executive Director, Education  


“We Love our Parkwood Green Big Childcare, Our Daughter is there almost Full-time, and most days cannot get her to leave at closing! The team have everything from activities to meal plans organised to perfection and even During this crazy Covid 19 Time they have smiles on their faces and huge amount of energy. Amazing Bonus Points now our Holiday Care Program is back at the school too. Thanks Guys you make it so much easier for us Full time working parents and do not have to stress about the care and welfare of our children while they are with you!”

“My kids have been attending Creekside Big Childcare for 4 years now. They absolutely love it and never want to come home when I go to pick them up.  The staff are amazing, all super fun, caring and just all-round lovely people.  We would be lost without Big Childcare.  The kids really look forward to the school holiday program and all the amazing excursions they go on and incursions that are organized.  Thank you for taking such good care of our kids!”

““I’m sure I speak on behalf of all Fitzroy parents when I say that we feel supported by you and your team” 

“I know my children haven’t been in on a regular basis but whenever I have needed your care you have always communicated so well and so fast!  My children absolutely love seeing you when they are in aftercare and as a parent that is a huge bonus! Thank you for everything you do for our school and children.” St Augustine’s 

“You guys do an incredible job with our little ones!! Thank you all so much for what you do on a daily basis!! Thank You!” Saltwater