Big Childcare | Pricing
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How Much Do I Pay at Big Childcare?

Depending on your CCB percentage you could be paying as little as $6.29 per session. Below is an example of how little you could pay per session based on your percentage and if you had your Child Care Rebate (CCR) paid to Big Childcare

What is Child Care Rebate?

The Child Care Rebate (CCR) is a payment from the Australian Government that helps working families with the cost

of child care. If you meet the eligibility criteria example: studying or working you can get 50 per cent of your out of pocket child care expenses up to annual limit. The CCR annual limit is $7,500 per child per year. Out of pocket expenses mean the amount you pay for child care after your CCB amounts are taken out.

How Do I Apply For Both?

1. Contact Centrelink family assist on 136 150

2. Inform them you are enrolling your child/ren into OSHC with BIG Childcare and you would like to apply for

Child Care Benefits (CCB) as well as Child Care Rebate (CCR)

3. You will need to ask for your customer reference number (CRN) for yourself and each child you are enrolling

( The CRN must be recorded on your BIG Childcare enrolment form)

Note: CCR can be paid to you as a reimbursement or paid directly to the provider (BIG Childcare) as a fee offset. 

Please inform Centrelink of your payment preference