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1. Convenience and school cash back

The Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) industry has recently become very heavily regulated and scrutinised under the new federal government standards and expectations. Whilst this is a fantastic initiative imposed by the government; many school run services are struggling to adhere to the strict requirements. We at Big Childacre remove that burden from you and can offer a potential profit back to the school community with a negotiable profit share.

2. Educators and Communication

Big Childcare is made up of a dedicated and knowledgeable team that will remove all hassle and concerns from the school whilst running a fully functioning, high quality OSHC service for your families. We employ only the best Managers that are employed on full time and permanent part time contracts in order to ensure clear and concise communication with the school. All educators are appropriately qualified, vetted and trained. Whilst we offer flawless peace of mind to the school by removing the OSHC hassle; we still endeavour to ensure the school’s philosophy, culture and values are an integral part of our curriculum. We also love to be present at all school events and often donate jumping castles, fairy floss machines and popcorn machines to many of our schools for their special events.

3. Referral program

If you are an existing school with Big Childcare and choose to recommend us to a sister school or neighbouring school, and they take on Big Childcare as their OSHC Provider we will reward your school community with $2000! No catches, no questions asked.


There are lots of OHSC providers out there but we at Big Childcare have a reputation for being the best and most fun! We have access to the best resources, we offer profit shares back to the school, we ensure children are safe and secure, we offer ease and convenience for parents and schools when partnering with us; We are aware you have a great deal of choice from a variety of different providers; but we assure you that if you choose to give Big Childcare an opportunity you will have chosen the best and will not be disappointed.

Transition Process

If you and your school choose to partner with Big Childcare; we will make the transition as smooth as possible. We will supply all necessary resources to run a successful Outside School Hours Care Service. There will be a range of toys, equipment and craft resources. We will supply all our own food requirements for breakfast and afternoon and relieve the school of the operational Management if that’s what they wish.

We can arrange to have all the licensing transferred across to the Big Childcare name and deal directly with the department in doing so. Transitioning to Big Childcare means a hassle free transfer which is sure to put your mind at ease.

Your parents and children will also experience a similar feeling of ease when enrolling into our service. We aim to have a representative at all prep parent information days/nights to provide some information and hand out enrolment forms and prep packs. We welcome all children and parents to drop by the program and have a look around at our facilities, resources and meet our educators. This can often make the transition a lot easier on all relevant parties. This also gives parents an opportunity to discuss the fee structure and the program on offer. Once we have a completed enrolment form and all other requirements; we are then ready to accept the child. If they are a prep child; they will be collected from their classroom for at least the first few weeks of term 1. We will then complete robust observations, ask them to fill out ‘about me’s’, child profile and surveys in order to achieve a sound understanding of how they operate and in turn offer them high quality and highly personalised care.

We are always happy to arrange a meeting with key school contacts to discuss the potential of running our quality outside school hours care service at your school.