Big Childcare Spaceship

You may be wondering what occurs during before and after school care each day. Is it just a babysitting service? The answer to that question is a vehement no!

Before School Care

Big Childcare Character Before School Care

When your child arrives at our service, they will be treated to a delicious and nutritious breakfast before 8am.

We can assure you that your child will be made to feel welcome, comfortable and start the day with the warmth and care they deserve. They will have a wide range of different activities to keep their young minds engaged and stimulated before they start the school day.

Check out the weekly Before School Care Planner available at your school’s OSHC program. It contains weekly themed activities, whereby the interests of the children are the focus.

After School Care

Big Childcare Prep Certificate

After a long day at school, children need to recharge with a tasty afternoon snack after they are signed into the program. We use family recipes to cook meals, which suit the current season. All of our menus are approved by Nutrition Australia. We have even been involved in a Case Study with them.

We offer sports, group games, cooking, craft, drama and singing activities as well as a range of other experiences to choose from. We have all the latest toys and gadgets and we love seeing the children enjoy them. We provide homework assistance where possible, which in turn frees up your evenings to have some fun with your children.

Don’t be surprised if your child wants to stay just a bit longer upon pick up… we have loads of fun after school!

Check out the weekly After School Care Planner available at your school’s OSHC program. It contains weekly themed activities, whereby the interests of the children are the focus.

Holiday Care

Big Childcare Character Holiday Care

If you are working over the school holidays or want to treat your child to some extra fun, be assured that the Holiday Care we offer is the best service going around. We line up an amazing variety of excursions and incursions to choose from, engineered to make the holidays fun and memorable!

We pride ourselves on the safety of each child. Whilst on excursions children are always visible with their bright red vests and come summer, our rashies protect them when they join in our water activities. All of our excursions undergo rigorous risk assessments prior to being signed off!

Attending the Holiday Program is a great way for your child to mix with and develop lasting relationships with their peers. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to develop socially in a safe and nurturing environment.

Don’t forget to pack your child a healthy snack and lunch to sustain them through their exciting day.

Please ask your Centre Manager to see their Risk Assessments for each day and discuss any questions you may have!

Our Menu

Our very own Big Childcare chef

Breakfast will be provided for children who arrive before 8.00am. We have a variety of cereals, breads and spreads on offer, as well as special mornings featuring pancakes, eggs etc. In our After School Care program, we base our food choices on the nutritional needs of the children, as well as their individual medical conditions (allergies) and likes/dislikes. Children get to have a big say as to what's on the menu planner! We serve seasonally designed menus, providing cooler foods in Summer like salads and warmer foods in Winter, like pasta dishes. There is always a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables on hand, as well. Check out the Food Menus available at your school’s OSHC program. Warning – you may get hungry!

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