Big Childcare | Why Go Big?
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1. Big Childcare Is Safe And Super Fun!

At Big Childcare we place upmost importance on the safety and security of your child.

We adhere to strict regulations imposed by the federal government that include a minimum of 1 educator to every 15 children. All medical, custody and personal details are held with confidence and monitored very closely by our consistent and qualified staff.

Your child will be cared for vigilantly and with great diligence but we are also super fun! Nothing is too hard at Big Childcare! We pride ourselves on having the latest game consoles, the best sports equipment and the biggest and greatest excursions out of all the OSHC providers! Your children won’t believe the brilliant Show Days, Stage Shows and Amusement parks we visit on a regular basis!

2. Big Childcare Educators

Big Childcare has a very strict and thorough recruitment process. We have several base requirements that all applicants need to meet before consideration. In turn; only the best, most passionate and most dedicated staff represent our organisation. All government guidelines in relation to qualifications, medical certificates and background checks are achieved with flawless precision.

Educators are trained in child protection, first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma management. Our Managers undergo a robust induction process and are provided with outstanding support to complete the incomparably essential role of caring for your child. Our Managers are consistent, and available each day; hence you will receive open and transparent communication from your main contact at Big Childcare on a regular basis.

3. My Family Lounge

All of our parents have the convenience of being able to view, update and change their details and bookings through our My Family Lounge service, allowing parents to have total control over their use of the service. You can also access more details in our parent handbook that can be found here: click here

4. Homework Away From Home

At Big Childcare we want to offer our families the complete service which means being able to assist the children in our care with an opportunity, and strong support to complete their homework. Our educators are relevantly qualified to assist in this manner and we have designated areas where children can find some peace and quiet to get their work done. This means that once they arrive home you can spend some genuine one on one time with your kids and not worry about completing the school based requirements.